When it comes to your corporate wireless, you can't afford to leave your network insecure, nor can your users tollerate spotty or inconsistent connectivity. Egyptian Technologies uses the latest practices and has the necessary training and certifications in Ekahau Site Survey and Planning Tools, a recognized leader in enterprise wireless design.

As a Ekahau Certified Site Survey Engineer, we can offer you the following services:

  • Site Planning
    Egyptian Technologies can model your physical location to take into account multiple floors, walls of differing densities, existing technologies and expected user-load. We will craft a deployment-plan with specific hardware and access point locations.
  • Site Survey
    A survey is useful if your existing Wi-Fi has low or spotty connectivity. We can measure your existing coverage and recommend a plan to meet your requirements, weather you just need better web browsing or would like to support wireless voip. 
    Performance Planning
    Newer technologies, such as Wireless VOIP require much stronger and more consistent Wi-Fi. We can make the necessary hardware recommendations and assist you from planning through deployment.